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What is TrueOS ?

TrueOS is a Unix-like, desktop-oriented operating system, based on the rock-solid FreeBSD. TrueOS has been designed with the "casual" computer user in mind and aims to be easy to install by using a graphical installation program. Installing the system is simply a matter of a few clicks and a few minutes for the installation process to finish. Home users will immediately feel comfortable with TrueOS's KDE graphical desktop interface and the easy point-and-click package management.

Software installation has been designed to be as painless as possible: users simply double-click on ready-to-use pre-built software packages (PBIs) downloaded from and the software will be installed without having to worry about dependencies.

Since October 10, 2006 TrueOS is supported by the enterprise-class hardware solution provider iXsystems.

System Overview
Name: TrueOS
No. of Systems: 47