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Vendor Device Total
ENE Technology Inc CB-1420 CardBus Controller 2
O2 Micro Inc 5
OZ711M1 SmartCardBus MultiMediaBay Controller 2
OZ6933/711E1 SmartCardBus Controller 2
OZ6912/711E0 SmartCardBus Controller 2
Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 CardBus Controller 21
RL5c475 CardBus Controller 1
Texas Instruments (TI) 11
PCI7420 FireWire + CardBuss Controller 4
PCI4451 PC card CardBus Controller 2
PCI1225 PC Card CardBus Controller 2
PCI4520 PC Card CardBus Controller 2
PCI1510 PC Card CardBus Controller 1
Toshiba America Information Systems ToPIC100 PCI to CardBus Bridge with ZV support 2